Field Studies

Winkler Mill Pond Field Study

Winkler Mill Pond Field Study

MuckAway® Eliminates 4X More Muck Than Competitors

Proof is in the Science

An independent study with Airmax® Natural Water Treatments

The Pond:

An irregular shaped, multiacre pond in Rochester Hills, Michigan, was chosen to test various muck reducing bacteria treatments. Three independent 1-acre portions of the lake were divided out for treatment.

Water Testing

The Plan:

The objective of the study was to compare real-world performance of Airmax MuckAway and two competitors' bacterial muck reducers. Each 1-acre portion of the pond received a different muck reduction product, which was applied per manufacturer instructions. 

Treatments started in April and occurred biweekly for 22 weeks, for a total of 10 applications. Testing occurred biweekly, for a total of 11 tests. Reports were generated at the midpoint and final stage.  

Water Testing

The Results:

At the conclusion of the study, MuckAway had outperformed the other muck reduction products by four times. MuckAway returned a soft sediment (muck) reduction of 4.4 inches. Competitor products reduced soft sediment by 0.9 and 1.1 inches, respectively. 

Figure 1.1

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