Field Studies

Winkler Mill Pond Field Study

Winkler Mill Pond Field Study

MuckAway Eliminates 4X More Muck Than Competitors

Proof is in the Science

An independent study with Airmax Natural Water Treatments

The Pond:

An irregular shaped, multiacre pond in Rochester Hills, Michigan, was chosen to test various muck-reducing bacteria treatments. Three independent 1-acre portions of the lake were divided out for treatment.

Water Testing

The Plan:

The study's objective was to compare the real-world performance of Airmax MuckAway and two competitors' bacterial muck reducers. Each 1-acre portion of the pond received a different muck reduction product, which was applied per manufacturer instructions. 

Treatments started in April and occurred biweekly for 22 weeks, for 10 applications. Testing occurred biweekly for a total of 11 tests. Reports were generated at the midpoint and final stage.  

Water Testing

The Results:

After the study, MuckAway had outperformed the other muck reduction products by four times. MuckAway returned a soft sediment (muck) reduction of 4.4 inches. Competitor products reduced soft sediment by 0.9 and 1.1 inches, respectively. 

Figure 1.1

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