Why Aerate

Aeration is all about gasses. Aeration mixes the pond so toxic gasses are efficiently released and life-giving oxygen readily replaces it. An aerated pond will be clearer, cleaner, and have less bottom muck than a pond without aeration. The science behind it: Stratification A pond without aeration will become stratified into two very separate layers in the summer heat. This is bec… Read More »

Spring Start-Up for Pond & Lake Aeration Systems

Ideally, an aeration system should run all year long. By running it all year, there is a reduction in the risk of winter fish kills due to turnover. Aeration systems that were shut down in the winter for recreational purposes, will need to be restarted once the ice melts off the pond. It is best to do a slow system start-up as you did when the system was first installed to avoid any quick turno… Read More »