Airmax SolarSeries Fountain

Solar Water Fountain
3 Industry Leading Spray Patterns Included

4 American Made Solar Panels
Variable Patterns for Visual Interest
Maintenance Free Direct-Drive Motor
Easy to Install & Maintain
3 Spray
Operates up to
12 Hours
Mounting System
Zero Operating
3 Year


Solar Fountain With Single Arch Spray Pattern

Airmax SolarSeries Fountain

Airmax SolarSeries Fountain Series

The Airmax SolarSeries fountain is ideal for customers looking for an alternative-energy option or those with a remote pond without access to electric power. The SolarSeries solar water fountain best suits ponds up to 1/2 acre, providing aeration to ponds up to 6-8 feet deep. The fountain reaches its full height in full sunlight, producing crisp, high-flow displays. As the intensity of sunlight changes, even with passing cloud cover, your fountain display will also change, and the pattern size will fluctuate, adding interest and variety to the visual display. Once installed, the SolarSeries fountain operates solely on 100% renewable energy, eliminating any operating costs.

American Made Solar Panels: The SolarSeries solar fountain pump features four American-made, high-output solar panels that provide direct drive power to an energy-saver direct-drive submersible Airmax fountain motor. This motor produces daytime displays for up to 12 hours per day, even in low-light and cloudy conditions.

Preassembled, Durable Mounting System: The EasyMount Assembly system comes preassembled for simple installation. Made from powder-coated, military-grade aluminum, the EasyMount system is corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight.

Maintenance Free, Energy Efficient Design: The oil-free motor is equipped with a cooling shroud to ensure maximum motor life and durability, reducing yearly maintenance costs. An oversized intake screen adds an additional layer of protection to prevent clogging for uninterrupted viewing enjoyment while providing your pond the benefit of aeration.

Spray Patterns: The SolarSeries solar pond fountain comes standard with 3 spray patterns; Classic, Trumpet, and Crown & Trumpet. More spray pattern nozzles are available in Single Arch, Double Arch, Double Arch & Geyser, and Blossom.*Classic pattern is pre-installed and does not require a nozzle.

Power Cord Lengths: Our solar powered fountains come with a 100' standard power cord, stainless-steel strain relief, and underwater quick disconnect. The strain relief cable prevents the power cord from being damaged if the cord is snagged or tugged. Power cords are also available in 50' increments ranging from 100'–300' lengths.

SolarSeries Included Spray Patterns

Airmax SolarSeries Classic Fountain
Classic Pattern

Max Pattern Dimensions:
7.5'H x 18'W

Airmax SolarSeries Crown and Trumpet Fountain
Crown & Trumpet Pattern

Max Pattern Dimensions:
Crown: 4.5'H x 32'W
Trumpet: 9.5'H x 6'W

Airmax SolarSeries Trumpet Fountain
Trumpet Pattern

Max Pattern Dimensions:
14'H x 5.5'W

SolarSeries Optional Spray Patterns

Airmax SolarSeries Single Arch Fountain
Single Arch Pattern

Max Pattern Dimensions:
8.5'H x 18'W

Airmax SolarSeries Double Arch Fountain
Double Arch Pattern

Max Pattern Dimensions:
1st Tier: 8.5'H x 9'W
2nd Tier: 4.5'H x 30'W

Airmax SolarSeries Double Arch and Geyser Fountain
Double Arch & Geyser Pattern

Max Pattern Dimensions:
Geyser: 8.5'H
1st Tier: 5.5'H x 9'W
2nd Tier: 4'H x 28'W

SolarSeries Optional Spray Patterns

Blank Image
Airmax SolarSeries Blossom Fountain
Blossom Pattern

Max Pattern Dimensions:
1st Tier: 5.5'H x 8'W
2nd Tier: 2'H x 16'W

Blank Image

What is Included With the SolarSeries?

*Spray Pattern Sizes Vary Depending on Sunlight

SolarSeries Fountain Classic Pattern
Classic Spray

The Classic Spray Pattern comes pre-installed as part of the SolarSeries Fountain. The nozzle is not required. This beautiful full pattern provides relaxing sounds as the water breaks the surface.

SolarSeries Fountain Crown and Trumpet Pattern
Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern

The Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern combines the beauty of the arch and trumpet pattern creating a majestic display.

SolarSeries Fountain Trumpet Pattern
Trumpet Spray Pattern

The Trumpet Spray Pattern provides a bountiful, tall burst of water, giving you the tranquil sound of water.

Power Cord With Disconnects
Power Cord w/Disconnects

Standard 100' power cord, underwater quick disconnect and stainless steel strain relief. Also available in 150'–300' lengths, sold in 50' increments.

Solar Panels
EasyMount Solar Panels

Two EasyMount systems come preassembled to hold four American-made high-output solar panels that provide direct drive power to the solar water fountain pump motor, producing daytime displays for up to 12 hours.

Power Cord Options

All Airmax floating fountains come with a standard power cord. You may want to explore our cord protection options if you have nuisance pond wildlife like beavers, muskrats, or nutria, notorious for chewing cords. Replacement cords can be expensive and time-consuming, so investing in cord protection is a great insurance policy for your fountain. Airmax power cords can be wrapped with our durable PolyFlex protective sheathing, or if you are looking for something more substantial, we highly recommend the stainless-steel option for the ultimate power cord protection. Don't forget to ask your Airmax Professional Installer about cord protection for your fountain. You won't regret it!

Standard Power Cord
Standard Power Cord
PolyFlex Protection
Polyflex Cord Protection
Stainless Steel Protection
Stainless-Steel Cord Protection



Video - Solar Fountains
Video - Solar Fountain Installation
SolarSeries Fountain Manual
Nozzle Installation Instructions

Tech Specs

Airmax SolarSeries Fountain
SolarSeries Fountain
Recommended Pond Size Aerates up to 1/2 - 1 Acre
Float Diameter 34 Inches
Minimum Operating Depth 36 Inches
Maximum Spray Height 14 Feet
Included Patterns Classic
Crown & Trumpet
Solar Panel Type Monocrystalline (60 Cell)
Solar Panel Dimensions 75"L x 41.5"W x 1.57"H
Connector Type MC4
Motor Type Water-Cooled
Stainless Steel Continuous Duty
Motor Lead Length 24 Inches
Available Power Cord Lengths 100', 150', 200, 250', 300'
Available Protective Cord Sleeves Standard
Stainless-Steel Braiding
System Components Included Power Unit, Float, Power Cord
Disconnect Switch w/ Controller
(4) Solar Panels and (2) EasyMount Systems
(2) Mounting Poles Required
(Not Included)
2.5" DIA (2.875" O.D. / 2.47" I.D) x 10'L (min)
Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel Pole
Compressor, Electrical Components
& Mounting Hardware Warranty
Solar Panels Warranty Limited 25-Year

Easy Installation

Airmax SolarSeries solar fountains are designed to be easily installed. No tools are required for assembly or when changing nozzles. The SolarSeries Fountain has a stainless-steel motor lead with an underwater quick disconnect cord for easy motor removal and float removal. See owner's manual for complete solar powered fountain installation instructions.

Fountain Disconnect Switch & Controller Assembly

The Airmax direct drive controller monitors the incoming solar power and allows the fountain to operate at variable speeds as the sunlight intensity changes. External shut-off switch for added safety.

CAD Details

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