Airmax® Cabinet Security Kit

For Composite Airmax Aeration Cabinets

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  • Cabinet Security Screw Set
  • Item: 510424
  • $19.99
  • Cabinet Security Stake Kit
  • Item: 510430
  • $119.99


Airmax Cabinet Security Screw Set or Stake Kits can be used to lock small or large composite Airmax aeration cabinets. The security kits are used to secure the cabinet shut or anchor them to the ground when you are not around. Designed for Airmax Shallow Water HP Series, Shallow Water Series, or PondSeries® Aeration Systems. The Cabinet Security Stake Kit includes: a 2' galvanized stake, a 2' steel coated security cable, and a brass security lock. The Cabinet Security Screw Set includes: includes 2 locking screws with a locking wrench.




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Item Numbers and UPC

Item Number
UPC Code
510424 813166022706 Bolt Kit
510430 813166022690 Stake Kit

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