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  • Airmax D-Scale

    Airmax D-Scale

    Fountain and Aeration Cleaner
  • Airmax Fountain Mooring Kit

    Airmax Fountain Mooring Kit

    Anchors Floating Fountains
  • EcoSeries Fountain Filter Sock

    EcoSeries Fountain Filter Sock

    Protects Your Fountain Motor
  • Airmax 115V Plug & Play Control Panel

    Airmax 115V Plug & Play Control Panel

    Powers 1/2 HP Fountains & Lights
  • Airmax 230V Control Panel

    Airmax 230V Control Panel

    Powers Fountains & LED Lights
  • Airmax 460V Control Panel

    Airmax 460V Control Panel

    Powers LakeSeries 460V Fountains & LED Lights
Need Help Choosing The Right System?

Let Airmax design the right system for you! You will receive an aerial map with diffuser locations and complete system specifications.

Find a Certified Airmax Installer

Are you looking to add an Airmax Aeration System or Fountain? We have a network of certified pond professionals who provide installation services.