Airmax® Stock Tank Defense®

For Horses & Livestock

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Airmax Stock Tank Defense

Airmax Stock Tank Defense is the #1 cleaner for horses and livestock. Airmax Stock Tank Defense tablets contain all-natural beneficial bacteria, specifically formulated for stock tanks. This product will keep stock tanks clean and keep water clear. Each tablet treats up to 150 gallons every 2 weeks. Available sizes: 6 tablets for a 3 month supply or 24 tablets for a 12 month supply.

It may require 2-4 weeks to achieve optimal water quality. For best results, do no use with chemicals.



Product Label - 6 Tablet
Product Label - 24 Tablet

How to Use


Apply Stock Tank Defense Tablets when the water temperature is at or above 50°F.


Step 1 - For best results, first clean the stock tank and remove any sludge or debris.

Step 2 - Simply toss 1 tablet into each stock tank (up to 150 gallons) every 1-2 weeks or when a complete water change has been made. Tablets will dissolve slowly at the bottom of the tank.


Do not allow it to freeze. Keep the product in the original container and closed when not in use. Shelf life: 2-years.


Airmax Stock Tank Defense is safe for horses, livestock, birds, fish, and wildlife.



"Committed to Quality and Satisfaction ..."

Airmax is committed to product quality and your satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding the use of our products please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you.


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