Airmax Remote Manifold Kit

For Use With Airmax Aeration Systems

Use when Power is Away from Pond
Controls Airflow from Pond's Edge
Requires Only 1 Airline from Compressor

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  • 4-Port
  • Item: 600194
  • $499.99
  • 6-Port
  • Item: 600254
  • $599.99


The Remote Manifold Kit is designed for use with any Airmax aeration system located away from the pond's edge. Allowing pond owners to run a single line from the power source to the edge of the pond and make airflow adjustments while in view of the diffusers. Making it easier to balance each diffuser plate without having to run back and forth from the cabinet to the pond. All kits include a junction valve box (17″L x 12″W x 6″D), remote manifold, and fittings to connect to 1″ direct burial (poly) tubing.



Video - Installation
Product Manual

Tech Specs

Compatible Aeration Models SW20, SW40, SW40HP, PS30,PS40, LS40
PS80, LS80* (2x 4-Ports)
PS60, LS60
LS120* (2x 6-Ports)
Junction Box Dimensions 17"L x 12"W x 6"D 17"L x 12"W x 6"D
Adapts To 1" Poly Tubing 1" Poly Tubing
Number of Ports 4 6

*Please Note: The 8-Port for LS80 System contains (2) 4-port PS40 Kits, (item #600253) and the 12-Port for LS120 System contains (2) 6-port PS60 Kits, (item #600254). Both manifold kits for the LS80 and LS120 will require two runs of direct burial airline. One for each compressor.

When to Use

Airmax Remote Manifold Kits can be installed with an Airmax Aeration System that has a power source away from the pond's edge. Having a remote manifold at the edge of the pond allows pond owners to adjust and balance the flow rate of each diffuser while in full view of the pond. It can also be used to run a single 1″ burial line from the compressor to the pond.

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Item Numbers and UPC

Item Number
UPC Code
600194 813166022935 4-Port
600254 810089840431 6-Port

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