Airmax® Cabinet Post Mount Kit

For Use With Airmax Aeration Systems

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  • Standard
  • Item: 652121
  • $349.99
  • Large
  • Item: 652122
  • $499.99


Use the Cabinet Post Mount Kit for installations that require the aeration cabinet to be elevated. Constructed of powdered coasted aluminum, the mount kit includes mounting bracket and hardware to secure aeration cabinet to both round or square wooden posts, 4-inch diameter or larger.

Available sizes: standard and large. Standard kit fits Airmax Shallow Water Series, Shallow Water HP Series and PondSeries® PS10-PS40 systems. Large kit fits Airmax PondSeries PS80 and all LakeSeries systems.




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Item Number
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652121 813166024533 Standard
652122 813166024540 Large

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