• Airmax Ecosystem

    Airmax Ecosystem

    Get started with the Airmax Ecosystem's 3-step approach to achieve clean, clear ponds and lakes.
  • Aeration


    Keep your pond clear and balanced all season long with aeration.
  • Fountains


    Enjoy the sights and sounds of a fountain display.
  • Algae & Weed Control

    Algae & Weed Control

    Learn how to control troublesome pond weeds and algae before they take over your pond.
  • Fish Care

    Fish Care

    Keep your fish population active, balanced, and strong.
  • Muck Reducers

    Muck Reducers

    Learn how to reduce and eliminate pond muck.
  • Pond Dye

    Pond Dye

    Instantly shade and protect your pond.
  • Other


    Learn more about general pond and lake management that is not covered in our other articles.