4 Tips for Maximum Muck Removal
Removes up to 2 inches of muck per month!

4 Tips for Maximum Muck Removal

4 Tips for Maximum Muck Removal

MuckAway Pond Muck Reducer does a number on the muck. The special blend of beneficial aerobic bacteria digests organic debris (a.k.a. muck), improves water clarity, and eliminates noxious odors. The precision-release pellets are easy to use and perfect for battling built-up sludge anywhere in the pond. To get the most from a MuckAway application, follow these 4 tips:

  1. Disperse Evenly:
    Whether you're using MuckAway near the shoreline or across the entire pond, the pellets will need to be spread evenly across the treatment area. Plan to use one scoop per 1,000 square feet.
  2. Use a Boat:
    If you are treating the entire pond or lake, consider using a boat for uniform MuckAway dispersal. Individual tablets spread very far apart (tossed from the shore) will not have as dramatic an impact on muck as those that are densely and evenly distributed.
  3. Consider MuckAway TL:
    A large pond or lake may need the super sludge-busting power of Airmax MuckAway TL Pond Muck Reducer. When used as directed, it's designed to break down 2 inches of muck per month!
  4. Combine Forces:
    When contending with water clarity issues, use PondClear Beneficial Bacteria water soluble packets to clean and clear the water column, and MuckAway or MuckAway TL to break down the sunken muck around often-used areas, like the pond perimeter and beach areas.

Increase the effectiveness of MuckAway and MuckAway TL by raking out any large, long-to-decompose debris from the pond. This allows those beneficial aerobic bacteria to target the fine debris that's difficult to remove.

Airmax Aeration is also key to helping bacteria be more effective at battling muck. The moving, aerated water provides oxygen and circulation, creating an ideal environment for MuckAway or MuckAway TL to flourish.