Airmax Junction Valve Box With Lid

For Use With Airmax Aeration Systems

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  • Junction Valve Box w/o Holes
  • Item: 490369
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  • Junction Valve Box w/Holes
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The Junction/Valve Box can be used with any Airmax Aeration System for easy removal or access to airline connections under the aeration cabinet. Junction/Valve Boxes can be purchased without holes for use with the aeration cabinets or with pre-drilled holes for use with the remote manifold kits.



Video - Junction/Valve Box

Tech Specs

Junction/Valve Box
Junction/Valve Box with Holes
Box Dimension 17"L x 12" W x 6"D 17"L x 12" W x 6"D

How to Install

Use the Junction/Valve Box at the location of the aeration cabinet. To install dig a level hole about 13" x 18" x 6" using a shovel, then place the junction box to check size and fitting. Feed the flex tubing connected to the compressor below one side of the junction/valve box or feed the tubing through the pre-drilled holes in the box. Set the aeration cabinet over the Junction/Valve Box and connect your airline to the flex tubing that is still connected to the compressor. Once all tubing and airline have been attached and secured, backfill dirt around the box.  



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490369 813166022973
490308 813166022980

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