Airmax Ecosystem

  • The Airmax Ecosystem: 3 Steps to Pond & Lake Management

    The Airmax Ecosystem: 3 Steps to Pond & Lake Management

    The Airmax Ecosystem is the industry-leading method to achieve a clean, clear, thriving aquatic ecosystem. Airmax, with over 20 years of industry and field experience, is the leading manufacturer of aeration and natural water treatments for ponds and lakes. Airmax's success is based on a simple, 3-Step approach to Pond and Lake Management known as the Airmax Ecosystem. Whether you have a small pond or a 100-acre lake, the 3 Steps of the Airmax Ecosystem are the same: React, Prevent, Aerate. React: Control Algae & Remove Excessive Growth Reactive treatments, such... Read More »
  • Winterizing Your Farm Pond

    Winterizing Your Farm Pond

    Get Your Farm Pond Ready for the Winter Months As our warm summer months come to an end, we receive many questions regarding "pond winterization". Winterizing your pond is an important step to ensure a safe start-up next spring. Here are some easy tips to help you on your way. General Clean-Up Tips: Set aside a few hours to do some picking up around your pond. Clean the inlets or outlets of any debris that may have fallen in, and pick up any sticks or brush that may have fallen into the pond. If debris is left to decompose, it will only contribute to the build-up of... Read More »
  • Phosphates Limit Successful Aquatic Management

    Phosphates Limit Successful Aquatic Management

    The accumulation of phosphorus in ponds and lakes has significant and lasting impacts on an aquatic ecosystem and overall water quality. Unless phosphates are controlled, successful aquatic management is limited. Escalating Phosphate Levels Phosphorus is a nutrient that helps support the growth of aquatic plants and is a natural part of an aquatic ecosystem. Phosphates enter a pond or lake from leaves, twigs, grass clippings, fish waste, other organic matter and storm runoff, which carries fertilizers and other contaminants that can begin to disrupt the natural aquatic... Read More »