Research & Development

Airmax is internationally known for its expertise in designing aeration systems and fountains for large bodies of water. Our engineering staff designs some of the quietest running, easy to install systems on the market today. Our systems can be found in 100 acre recreational lakes, wastewater lagoons and even 500 gallon water gardens.

Our aeration systems feature durable, natural appearing cabinets with quiet, high-quality compressors, while our fountain’s innovative design bring out larger, more defined spray patterns and better energy efficiencies than larger horsepower units on the market.

In addition to producing high quality aeration and fountains Airmax has produced water treatment products for pond and lake management for over a decade. In 2013, Airmax purchased a major water treatment manufacturer, CrystalClear®, which added new liquid and dry production lines, trademark formulations and national brands for water gardens.

Today we produce a wide variety of water treatments including, EPA registered algaecides, natural bacteria and enzyme products, flocculants and dechlorinators for lake management, water garden, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, and oil and gas markets around the World.

We create solutions every day. We strive to produce only the highest quality products and we push our lab and test facility personnel to be perfectionist when working on new products or product improvements. When you buy an Airmax product we want it to not only meet, but exceed your expectations every time you use it.