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Removing Muck in Water Gardens

Bacteria is bacteria, right? Not really. In nature, thousands of bacteria species perform many important jobs. CrystalClear® natural bacteria products were chosen for their unique ability to break down suspended debris and sunken muck in pond water. And they’re really good at what they do. Here is a breakdown of the different roles they play in a pond:

The bacteria in BioClarifier™ are designed to attack organic debris that’s suspended in the water column, like fish waste, uneaten food and leaves. To use, simply toss the water-soluble packets in the water. The bacteria will immediately go to work breaking down the excess nutrients. We recommend using BioClarifier™ in conjunction with MuckOff™ in the summer. The result: crystal clear water.

To attack the accumulated organic debris that builds up at the bottom of the pond, MuckOff™ comes in bacteria-packed tablets that sink straight down. Upon application, the tablets release bacteria that instantly begin to break down and digest hard-to-reach muck and sludge from the bottom of gravel and rock pond bottoms. The result: reduced muck and no pond odor.

The bacteria in ClarityMax™ contains bacteria and enzymes that clean, polish and breakdown dead organic debris around waterfalls, streams, plant pots and filtration systems. The result: clean rocks, waterfalls and stream beds.

Though BioClarifier™, MuckOff™ and ClarityMax™ all contain beneficial bacteria, they’re designed to do different things in a pond. Are all three necessary? Yes indeed! When used together, enjoy clear water, a clean pond and reduced muck and odor all year long.