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Improve Water Clarity & Reduce Muck!

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The Proof is in the Science

An independent study with Airmax® Aeration

The Pond: A ½ acre, kidney shaped, 10+ year old pond located in state of North Carolina. The pond had nearly 12” of muck buildup and required monthly chemical treatments to reduce algae blooms.

The Plan: Before the Airmax® Aeration System was introduced, water samples were taken for phosphorous, nitrogen, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved oxygen and water clarity. Phosphorous and nitrogen are contributors to algae growth while dissolved oxygen and BOD help determine the potential for muck and nutrient reducing aerobic bacteria. A PS20 Airmax® Aeration System was installed and water samples were taken every 30 days. The results speak for themselves.

The Results in 90 Days: Nitrogen & Phosphorous plummeted 90%. Oxygen became saturated throughout the pond and the water clarity dramatically improved. There was also a major reduction in the amount of algae that needed to be treated. The BOS also decreased substantially while the aerobic bacterial activity increased which was responsible for almost ¼” of muck reduction in 90 days.

Improve Water in 90 Days