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5 Reasons to Aerate

Aeration is one of the 4 fundamental elements to achieving crystal clear water and a balanced ecosystem. Aeration, like PondAir™ & KoiAir™ Aeration Kits, work from the bottom up, circulating water and increasing dissolved oxygen levels. Increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in the pond provides many benefits including: healthier fish and plants, more efficient filtration, and protection for fish during the winter months.

Here are 5 great reasons to aerate a water garden.

  1. A properly sized aerator adds valuable oxygen to a pond more effectively than a typical water feature such as a waterfall, fountain feature or spitter. Most water gardens rely solely on waterfalls to circulate and aerate the water. While effective, waterfalls generally only circulate and aerate the top portions of the water and may leave many areas of the pond, particularly on the pond’s bottom, untouched allowing for the accumulation of organic debris. A properly sized aerator like Airmax® PondAir™ or KoiAir™ Aeration Kits, work from the bottom up to ensure all areas of the pond are circulated and saturated with dissolved oxygen.
  2. Higher oxygen levels stimulate and increase the number of natural aerobic bacteria in a pond. The increased number of aerobic bacteria will greatly increase the efficiency of your filtration system leading to healthier fish, thriving plants, cleaner water and less organic buildup on the bottom of the pond.
  3. Aeration replaces the need to use a de-icer or heater during the winter. As your filtration system and fish are dormant for the winter months, organic debris will continue to decompose and release gas into the water column. These gasses become trapped by the ice and begin to take the place of oxygen, which can be fatal to fish. Heaters and de-icers can melt a hole in the ice to provide ventilation, but they are not able to help circulate gases from other areas of the pond. The consistent water movement from an aeration kit not only discourages ice formation but also carries these toxic gases to the pond’s surface to be released. This ensures your fish stay safe throughout the cold winter months! Aerators are also more energy efficient, saving you money all winter long.
  4. Saves Money! Aeration can save energy costs from running a waterfall pump in the winter.
    A properly sized aerator can aerate a pond effectively and efficiently on its own, allowing you to turn your waterfall pump on only when you’re there to enjoy it. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year.
  5. Reduce Pond Maintenance. By running an aerator in conjunction with a waterfall pump, your pond will stay cleaner, longer.

With all the benefits an aeration system can provide, your pond is just one step away from a more balanced ecosystem.